Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best TV Show: The Great British Sewing Bee

I heard about the best new TV Show - The Great British Sewing Bee through Cidell's post on the show on her blog Miss Celie's Pants

The absolute best part is that this show is based on home sewers competing to see who is the best.  They use patterns (the first challenge was a McCall's skirt)!  I mean, I love watching Project Runway, but - that's so not who I am or what I'm able to do right now. 

And, I so feel (okay, once I get a little faster) that I could totally be on this show!  On the first episode, there were 3 challenges (I want to tell you, but you might want to see it for your self) - and, I was thinking could have done that (again, once I get a little faster)!

When I saw this last night, I said that I would watch the first few minutes - then, bookmark it to view later.... Until, I started watching.  The next thing I knew the show was over.  I really enjoyed watching this program from BBC.  I almost can't wait for Tuesday when the next episode will air.

 If you want more information - just click on the name of the show.... The Great British Sewing Bee  It's a link to the BBC web page.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Thanks for sharing the video. It was refreshing to watch a program actually about sewing. Too bad Project Runway has lost its way. I enjoyed watching the episode and hope more will be posted on YouTube.

  2. It was a super start to a great show, wasn't it? I watched it via You Tube and also have booked my seat for the next episode. Off to have a peek around your blog ... J