Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Celebration!

I just celebrated another birthday (yea, me!) and now, I'm enjoying some time off.  I was making crazy plans to do a thousand things (typical), but about a month ago - I decided to try something different (say what?). 

For One Week

No Plans (when I wake up - I'll decide what it'll be).... Yesterday, that meant - going to the gym to workout, then going to my Wal-Mart (okay, I bought 3 new patterns), and, taking it easy the rest of the day.  And, last night (well, really early this morning - @ 4 a.m. I watched "Left Behind: World at War").  Why is the movies I want to see always come on at the craziest times.  Today, I'm taking it easy...And, tomorrow - well, who knows?  <Joann's has Vogue Patterns on sale - I'll be headed that way later in the week.>

No Alarms (I want to wake up naturally, and ease into my day).... But, it's hard to break habits, so I'm still waking up around 5 - I'm just going back to sleep.

Birthday Flowers for the Birthday Girl!

Needles Up,
Always Audrey