Monday, June 4, 2012

NYC Fabric

Here's a look at the fabric I purchased in New York City during PR Weekend 2012...

I purchased this cotton fabric specifically for this Simplicity Patter (#1885 - I'm thinking about view A - the floral dress on the right).  I received this FREE pattern during the Simplicity Tour.  I didn't realize the amount of work that goes into creating patterns.  It was an unbelievable experience - I had so much fun during this trip.

I purchased this Knit Fabric (and, the cotton above) at Metro!  The guys were so, so nice and the cuts of fabric are so, so generous!

I purchased 3 yards of this Italian Tweed from Paron's. I looked at it, touched it, held up it to me.... and, I walked away that was on Friday (shopping day), but first thing Sunday morning - I went back to get it.  There was No Way I could leave this fabric in NYC.  I want to make a Jacket / skirt combo.....

Silk backed Polyester (or something like that) for either some simple shirts or night clothes.

One of my favorite buys... It's a Pink Paisley Brocade (it has metallic in it).  I so love this fabric!  I'm either going to make a dress or skirt from this.  I can't wait to wear it.

This is another Tweed that I purchased - before I cut the expensive Tweed - I'll practice making a jacket on this.

I also purchased some Black & White Zebra / Plain Black Cotton that I want to use to make a jumpsuit.  Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of that fabric - although, I know there's one somewhere.  In total, I purchased 22 1/2 yards of fabric.  I've been to NYC on several previous occasions, but I had a totally different view of one of my favorite cities.

Needles Up,

Always Audrey

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