Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Still haven't sewed, but I do have updates.....

On MLK Day, my Grandma B turned 80!
There was a huge family celebration at her house in South Carolina and I was so happy to join everyone.   I can't believe the entire weekend - the only pictures that I have are of me wearing things that I made (on second thought - I CAN BELIEVE THAT).  You know I need pictures for my blog.

Really, that's my lead in - because it's the 23rd day of January and I still haven't turned on my sewing machine..... OMG!  I had so many great plans that I just haven't had the opportunity to get started on.  I did get a chance yesterday to pre-treat some fabric and on Monday night my mom and I worked through the fitting issues on two of my current projects.....

Although, I have some pending commitments for the next few weekends - I'm also looking to get back to my regular work schedule, so I'm sure I'll have more time going forward to get some sewing done.  So, here are my *New Sewing Plans*...

To Be Completed
Write a review - S1885 - When I finished this dress, I never wrote a review for the pattern.  I like writing reviews and having 1 central location where I can see all of the patterns that I have tried.

Fabric Samples - I need to organize my fabric samples and post on it...
Projects in Progress
V8541 - When I get back sewing - this project is on the top of the list.  I want to get this pink skirt (and, hopefully a jacket) finished before the weather changes for good.

V1250 Dress - I've been able to get this dress fitted to my shape and now I can finally finish it!  I've taken out a total of 3 inches from each side and now the dress fits perfectly (well, it only basted) when I try it on.

NL6757 - I was able to pin up the halter pants on my mom to get an idea of the fit.  I may decide to get a different zipper - I was going to use black for me, but I'll try to find a pink zipper that matches the fabric for mommie.  I need to read / watch you tube on inserting zippers. 

Brand Spanking New Projects
NL6130 - I want to make the sleeveless peplum top (View C) and the zippered skirt.  I have a few different cuts of cotton fabric and now, I just need to decide which colors I want to work with to achieve my desired look.  I will be making the shirt in February - depending on my time and progress before the 1st.  I will start by making the skirt.

V7975 - Jacket using the pink and white fabric.  Originally, this is something that I wanted to have completed by now, but my life has gotten in the way. 

Infinity Scarf - I don't have a pattern for this, but I saw a great tutorial.  Once, I'm able to get to this - I'll be sure to post a review of the tutorial and I'll show some pictures.

Hopefully, now that I've finished year end close at work and I'm back home from visiting with family - I can get to my sewing plans

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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