Monday, January 30, 2012

B5672 Updated Again

I stopped sewing for 2 weeks - I know what you're just started sewing again a few weeks ago.  LOL!  My mom and aunt came to town, so I pressed pause on the extra-curricular and spent time enjoying the fam!  Their visit was great, with major drama (such is life!), but everybody had an amazing time.  We went to visit my Grandma Bessie (she turned 79 this month).  So, it was really, really good seeing the whole family (it's been way too long).

B5672 / I got a little frustrated with this dress because the fabric kept jamming in my sewing machine.  I was thinking that I needed to buy a different type of needle, but later realized that I needed to adjust the stitch type & width to accommodate the fabric.  I'm making progress although not quite as fast as I would like.  I know today's the 30th, but I want to have this dress finished by tomorrow so that I can stay on target with my sewing goal for the year (and, I'm participating in the 1 garment a month 2012 on

I'm really excited and I'm back on track!

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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