Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sewing Updates

I have had a very, very busy start to the New Year.  Between, meeting my close deadline at work; going to Grandma B's 80th Birthday Party; visiting my mom in Miami; buying a new (used) car and getting everything all settled; volunteering with the Girl Scouts; and, of course working (I can't leave that out of the equation).  I haven't had an opportunity to get much sewing done....

To transition back into sewing and rev up my mojo - I'm starting with my TNT V8541 skirt. 

Projects in Progress
Fabric Samples - I need to organize my fabric samples.  With the 1 year challenge - I want to be able to plan the different projects that I want to make over the course of the year.  So, I don't have a repeat of last year - specifically, all bottoms & no tops.  Also, I want to make sure I'm working on projects where the colors work well together (to create a functional wardrobe).  OMG!

V8541 Skirt- I want to get this pink skirt (and, hopefully a jacket) finished before the weather changes for good.  Once, I make this skirt - I'm retiring this pattern (it starts at size 16, and, now I'm between a 12-14 in bottoms).  3/15: I spent some time with this skirt.  Since, it's been a while since it was originally cut (and, re-cut) I ironed the pieces and finished the construction.  Now, I just need to finish the hem.  I'm planning on wearing it on Easter Sunday (although, I'll wear it before then - haha!), but I may need to buy some shoes (LOL!). 

V1250 Dress - I've been able to get this dress fitted to my shape and now I can finally finish it! I've taken out a total of 3 inches from each side and now the dress fits perfectly (well, it's only basted) when I try it on.  3/15/2013 Before I finished this dress, I marked on the pattern pieces the size that should be cut for the waist and below, since I didn't make a FBA.  Winning!  I'll post a review once I'm able to get some pictures.... OH, yeah!

NL6757 Jumpsuit - I was able to pin up the halter pants on my mom to get an idea of the fit. I may decide to get a different zipper - I was going to use black for me, but I'll try to find a pink zipper that matches the fabric for mommie. I need to read / watch you tube on inserting zippers.

Brand Spanking New Projects
NL6130 - I want to make the sleeveless peplum top (View C) and the zippered skirt. I have a few different cuts of cotton fabric and now, I just need to decide which colors I want to work with to achieve my desired look. I will be making the shirt in February - depending on my time and progress before the 1st. I will start by making the skirt.

V7975 - Jacket using the pink and white fabric. Originally, this is something that I wanted to have completed by now, but my life has gotten in the way.

Projects for Fall / Winter Sewing
Infinity Scarf - I don't have a pattern for this, but I saw a great tutorial.

V1320 (Winter Coat) - I have the pattern, I may have the fabric (I have fabric, but I'm not sure if I want to use it for this jacket) - the biggest thing will be mustering up the courage to do it.

Write a review - S1885 - When I finished this dress, I never wrote a review for the pattern. I like writing reviews and having 1 central location where I can see all of the patterns that I have tried. 02/18/2013 Completed Wrote the review, posted it on my blog & PR.
Color Coding Chart
Black - Project Completed 1st Quarter 2013
Red - New Project (pattern and/or fabric hasn't been cut)
Purple - Project in Progress that needs more work..... (in example, needs to be hemmed)
Blue - Project in Progress that is very close to completion (wearable) or is completed, but needs to be reviewed.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. sounds like you've got your sewing all organized out, I'm still stuck on that small print, "no purchased cloths" lol! I read it, I knew it!but it's just sinking & I'm thinking I need to go buy something quick before the withdrawals kick in especially with Dress Barn coupons comming in the mail lol! lol!

    1. I know exactly what you mean.... Last year, I didn't buy any RTW because I didn't want anything. But, since I know I'm not going to be able, I just want to run out and buy something. LOL!