Monday, March 25, 2013

Update: Essential Top Sew-A-Long

Today, is Monday, March 25th -- Me Made Monday: I'm wearing V8541 Black Pants and a Red RTW top

Faye of Faye's Sewing Adventure is hosting a new sew a long.... And, I put my name on the list to make an Essential TOP!

Of course, as soon as I signed up to participate in the sew-a-long.  There's a problem at work and I need to work OT - to help get the issue resolved.  So, I didn't do as much as I hoped this weekend, but I have at least made a start.

1) I have assembled all of the materials that I will need: fabric, zipper, thread, bobbin, and sewing kit
2) I read through all of the instructions (really, I'm a visual person - I have to see it in my mind before I can do it)
3) I cut my pattern pieces.... This took some time.  I debated between cutting a size 18 and a size 20.  Although, either size will likely be too big.  Since, I'm still learning about making an FBA and, I don't want to make a shirt that's too small.  I decided to cut the size 20.  I can make a big shirt smaller, but too small is just too small.

I really should make a muslin before cutting my fashion fabric.  I know I should, but I like to jump all in (I know, famous last words).  So, I'll be cutting into my zebra print fabric for this project.  If it's any consolation - it's 100% cotton and I can get more cotton fabric.

I didn't need to pre-treat the fabric because I've already done that.  I will iron the fabric before I cut out the pieces.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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