Friday, May 24, 2013

2 Completed Knitting Projects

In my blog post on Friday, April 19th - She Sews... And, She Knits - I told you that I learned how to knit.  Well, since then, I've completed 2 knitting projects.

Disclaimer: Before you continue reading, I need you to know that I haven't made anything.  Well, I made 2 things, but... Maybe, you should just keep reading....

1st completed knitting project

Here's my 1st completed Knitting Project....

Of course, I made it - I love it!  But, it isn't anything.  It isn't long enough to be a scarf or anything like that.  It's just rows of knit or purl stitch.  This took me approximately 12 hours to complete.  I learned the basics on this piece, but honestly - it wasn't until around the 9th or 10th hour that I really had a feel for the knitting needles and hit a groove with knitting.

This project was started in my knitting class and will be donated to the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art for this year's yarn bomb. 


This is my 2nd completed Knitting Project....

Baby Blanket Pattern - Test size
While working on my 1st project, I realized that I really love knitting.  It is SO relaxing!  And, a few minutes / hours - really helps me put my day (but, really my life) in perspective.

This project will be donated to the yarn bomb!
I was using a baby blanket pattern to try and figure out if I will be able to make a blanket.  What I learned: on the first half (the top half of the kite), it was the increasing side and my stitches were rather tight.  Tight stitches are easy to manage when you are increasing.  As, I started on the decreasing side, the tight stitches were too tight to knit two together, so I made the stitches a little loose.  If I made all of the stitches the same size, it would look more like a square than a kite.  What I know now: I could make a blanket.  And, I want to try to make one soon!

Sidebar: The topic for this post, could have been - Yes, I like colorful yarn! 

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. I'm newly knitting too! Yay!!! It is a very relaxing and endearing hobby!

  2. Hi Audrey!

    God'sGirlT is writing a series of posts about how she made her lace trench. The first link is here:

    You can contact me at yousewgirl07 at yahoo for the pattern.

  3. Hi Audrey! Just checking to see how you are!

    1. Sorry, I've been missing for so long. All the rain in Atlanta has been flooding my apartment. OMG! How are you?