Monday, September 3, 2012

Full Bust Adjustments?

So, I haven't made any tops - yet.
Well, I did make 1 dress, but it wasn't a shirt or a top.  And, the pattern says it was loose fitting.
I've been looking for top patterns - I just haven't found anything that I was dying to make... if you know what I mean.
But, if I haven't made any tops - that means that I haven't made any Full Bust Adjustments......
Que the soap opera drama music - you've got to know where this post is going.

Now, I've been working like 10 hours on making this halter top jumpsuit (NL6757).  I know - I totally missed summer.  This was on my list as a Summer project, but initially I didn't have enough fabric (see One Project Down and Out).  I'm at the point where I need to insert the zipper.  I pinned down the zipper - tried it on.  And, you totally guessed it - I can't get it to zip up over my breasts!


You can't even imagine the number of happy dances - I have done up to this point.  I've never made a halter top.  I've never made a jumpsuit.  This IS my most challenging project to date.  And, most importantly - even without the zipper - IT looks like the pattern envelope.  AND, it doesn't fit!  <Insert hissy fit.>

So, I'm moving on to my next project - the jacket from V8541 (hopefully, I'll have more success).  And, I'm putting this jumpsuit to the side for right now.

Hopefully, I'll work on some other projects and figure out a snazzy way that I can make a full bust adjustment at this point in the game.  (P.S. I already tried the sports bra over my bra and that didn't help.)  Otherwise, I'll finish the project and give it to my mom for Christmas.  We are shaped the same - except her breast are a little smaller (like, I'm DDD and she's D) and she's shorter than me.

Here's to making lemonade, when the need for a full bust adjustment has given you a lemon!  LOL!  (At least, I've been making happy noises - and, dances - in the sewing studio.)

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Welcome to the "Why doesn't this *&%@#%! thing fit?" club. Membership is free and qualification is easy: be bigger than a B cup.

    How did you select your pattern size? I gave up on trying to avoid the FBA and just went for it. I've been trying to fit my bust for five or six years now. I've definitely gotten better and can help out if you'd like.

    Just accept that you'll need this alteration almost all the time. You can start with some bust-friendly patterns like Burda and Colette Patterns to start. I've had good success with Simplicity's multi-cup patterns as well. I still have to do an FBA, but it's not nearly as large. Also, princess seams (preferably shoulder) are a busty chick's friend.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

      I will have to learn how to do a FBA - I just haven't made any tops.... So. Well, based on the measurements on the pattern envelope I choose the size. But, my breasts are perfectly pointy, so hence - the OMG moment!

      I haven't made any tops, mainly because I haven't found a top pattern. But, also because it's much harder for me to find a skirt or pants that fit vs a top. So, I've been focusing on my greatest wardrobe needs.

      Thanks for giving the suggestions on patterns - I'll be on the look out for a top.