Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Patterns --> Means More Fabric!

Since, I've ordered 7 new patterns from Vogue the other day.  That meant that I had to order fabric, so that I would be able to make the patterns.  **Don't judge me!**

Even though has announced that they are behind on fulfilling orders - I placed an order with them.  Mainly, because I know that even with the delays - I'll have that fabric within 2 weeks.  And, with the sale prices (plus, the additional 30% off of clearance) I can't help, but feel like a winner!

So, this is what I ordered and here are my plans.....I purchased a jean weight machine needle and thread - along with this fabulous fabric!

Rayon Blend Iridescent Shirting Butter - 2 yards
Rayon Blend Iridescent Shirting Butter
I'll make a shirt out of this, but I ordered it because I loved it every time I looked at it.  LOL!  Fabric 0-0 Love!

Jacquard Suiting Roses Maroon - 3 yards

I'm thinking V8815 (short sleeves) with a pair of V8541 elastic waist pants. Or, I could make the short sleeve V8840 with the shorter length pants.

Crepe Knit Chestnut - 2 yards

I had V1250 in mind when I picked this out!

Yarn Dyed Rayon Suiting Plaid White/Pink - 4 yards
Yarn Dyed Rayon Suiting Plaid White/Pink
I love this so, so much!  I want to make a jacket / skirt combo from this.  I would love to be able to wear it in January for Grandma B's 80th Birthday celebration (either, the dinner or Sunday Church Service)!  I'm kinda slow, so I need to get started immediately. V7975, the trim that I'm able to find will determine which jacket I make, and I'll likely make my V8541 elastic waist skirt (since, I would prefer a skirt with a back vent).

Designer Polyester Jersey Knit Zebra Light Green/White- 2 yards
Designer Polyester Jersey Knit Zebra Light Green/White
I want to make a shirt from this.... I need to see it up close to determine exactly which one, but I'm leaning towardsV8534 (with the bow) or V8840

Now, I just need to plan out the order that I need to complete these projects.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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  1. Jacquard Suiting Roses Maroon - so, contacted me to tell me that this fabric is no longer available. Major Downer!