Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Projects

I'm nearly finished with 2 projects that I have started in September.  OMG!  This is super-de-duper fast for me. 

Of course, I made another pair of pants.  I love a the pants from V8541, they are so comfortable for work.  Especially, working a 10-hour schedule - comfort is a must!  This time I used a Pink Polyester blend fabric that I purchased on clearance from  I just need to finish the hem and sew in my label.  That should be completed today.

And, drum roll please.  I made the fabulous V1250 cowl neck dress.  Well, it's not finished.  But, I am believing that it will be totally fabulous.  I ended up using the Green designer polyester jersey knit from  There's not that much work to this dress - now, I see why so many people have made it! 

Designer Polyester Jersey Knit Zebra Light Green/White

Hopefully, I'll be able to take pictures in the dress this week and post a review on PR.  I won't post a review on PR for the pants - although, I will do a post with pictures here on the blog.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Like the fabric, can't wait to see the finish dress

  2. Hey, girl!

    I want to wear the dress to work this week, so I can get someone to take pictures. But, the weather has been so crazy down here not sure, if I'll be able to. No worries! I'll think of something, or maybe I'll wear it this weekend.