Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday &

Looking back on my Black Friday order, I should have planned out what I wanted.  I set my alarm clock to wake up at midnight - so, that I would be the first (or, at least among the first) to catch the sales prices....

But, my order ended up being all over the map.  (Like, I bought fabrics and thread, but none - except black - of the colors match!)  I'm beginning to think the whole point of the sale starting at midnight --> was to catch someone like me.  Since, I know I'll need to place another order.  LOL!

I should have started thinking about my spring / summer sewing before I placed that order.  So, I have some random things that don't really match up with my *new* sewing plans.  (Honestly, I'm still learning how to plan the plan.)  I really only sat down and started thinking about it (for real, for real) on Saturday. 

In addition, to the items listed below, I got some $1.95 clearance fabrics and thread.

I'm making my birthday dress from this fabric (sunshine yellow broadcloth).  I also ordered some of this in red.  The Vogue Pattern has already been ordered.

I want to make a leather-look skirt, so I ordered this vinyl in black.  Wait, did I order the Teflon foot?  You already know.  I'll put that on my list. 

In 2013, I want to make a quilt.  So, I ordered this for my pieces to get started.  There's a free Craftsy class - Block of the Month - that I heard about from Sann (blog: Wow Sew into It). 

I have some ambitious goals, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  And, with this holiday weekend (especially, since I celebrated early with my family) I've had a lot of chances to get things done. 

And, I'm working on my first jacket!  Oh, yeah.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. I wish I had thought about getting some fabric on black Friday, I am so use to going to the stores for black Friday I completely did not think of online. Yeah for quilting glad you are think of doing it, I like you color palatte choice for the blocks

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    I'm on the e-mail list for and they sent an e-mail leading up to Black Friday about the sale. But, you are right there in NYC - you can go to the garment distric and get all the fabric you want (whatever, you want) anytime. It's different here.

    You inspired me, so I'm going to try my hand at quilting. I didn't get the other supplies that I need yet, but I'm making a start.