Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday & MTMMO

My Total Money Makeover Update:

In case you were concerned, all of my Black Friday transactions were apart of my planned spending.  I know that I love to shop the best deals.  (There are 2 Wal-Marts within 5 miles of my house - so, that's not a problem.  Although, I have a list of stores that I avoid.)  I also know the majority of them happen on and/or around Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.

I actually made a plan back in July for November spending....
Who is this girl?  *Sew ReInvented Audrey*
And, what has she done with Audrey?  LOL! 

*I knew that I wanted to buy either a sewing machine or a serger - budgeted amount $150.00 (this was based on getting the "it" that was on sale)
*I knew that a new sewing machine would lead to new patterns & new fabric / supplies - budgeted amount $100.00 (this was based on going to Joann's or Hancock's for patterns on sale and placing an order on
*I knew that there were some other miscellaneous things that I would want (or, convince myself that I need) - budgeted amount $100.00

Total Planned Spending - $350.00

So, how did I do:

*New Sewing Machine - $135
*New Patterns (9 in total) - $23
*New Fabric & Notions - $46
*Miscellaneous Items (cake platter, DVDs & Rubbermaid storage) from Wal-Mart - $40
*Mommie's Christmas & B-day (1/3) present - $107

Total Actual Spending - $351.00
**To make the math easy, I rounded up to whole dollars. My total was $348.76.

I'm sew excited! 

It feels good to make a plan, and be able to do everything you wanted to do within that plan.  All this time, who knew?  Although, when I make my plan next year.  Ha-ha!  *I'm already planning to plan for next year.*  I'll be sure to include a budget for Mommie's b-day & Christmas.  This year, she wanted an electronic - and, of course, I found a great deal on Black Friday. 

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Congratulations Audrey! I'm rooting for ya, girl. It's good to have a plan and stick to it.

    1. Hope you are doing well & thanks for commenting!

      It's funny - I work in Accounting. I should know this, but sometimes, it's easier to do it for someone else - and, not for yourself.

      Here's to taking better care of me - starting with my finances!

    2. I second the 'here's to taking better care of me' idea. I'm definitely on board with getting me together as well.