Friday, November 30, 2012

Feature Friday - Automatic Threader

Brother CE8080PRW - New Sewing Machine

My Favorite Feature - Right Now, Today:

Automatic Threader

Okay, so it took me about 30 - 40 minutes to get it..... More like the magic threader.  I mean, I would luck up and make the automatic threader work, but I couldn't figure out how.  Until I watched this you tube video posted by whoyoum:  First Steps with Brother CE8080PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

I can wind a fresh bobbin, do the upper threading, and use my automatic threader in about 2 minutes (and, that includes time for my happy dance!).  Now, that's fast!

This has got to be the best thing ever!  Well, until I figure out the next best thing.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Go ahead and enjoy your NEW baby...I ain't mad :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! I hope you'll continue to stop by.

  2. Audrey I have been waiting for my machine to break so I can buy a new one. I had the opportunity to used a newer machine that has a thread cutter built in and clear bobbin cover and thought it awesome, but I think add a automatic threader and it is very tempting indeed to get a new machine.

    1. I'm glad I waited to buy this machine after I spent some considerable amount of time with my old machine. Then, I could really decide what features appealed to me and what I could live without. I actually, didn't really care about the automatic threader - until, I learned how to use it!