Monday, November 5, 2012

Frayed Nerves & a Tweed Skirt

** I'll be the first to admit that I didn't do enough research / preparation and my frayed nerves are my own fault.

During, PR Weekend (NYC, May 2012) - I saw the most beautiful multi-color tweed fabric.  It was only $6.00 per yard.  *GASP*  Although, I didn't buy the fabric when I initially saw it - I fell completely and totally in love....

I went to look at that fabric 3 separate times and on the 3rd trip - I bought said fabric....

I always planned to make a jacket and skirt from the fabric (I purchased 3 yards).  But, I didn't really make a plan.  I didn't try to understand the fabric or what I would need....  And, after working approximately 10 hours on a skirt pattern that I have perfected in less than 4 - I know that my frayed nerves are entirely my fault.

FYI, I'm not finished - I still need to inset the elastic in the waist and finish the hem.  I will tell you that I LOVE this skirt.  It's exactly what I thought it would be when I saw the fabric in the store....

Now, here's all of the things I wish I knew and/or considered before I started working with this TWEED:
  • The fabric edges need to stabilized so that it does not fray - I used interfacing around the edges.  And, yes this was my first time successfully using interfacing.  Only a smidgen needed to be cleaned off of the iron plate.
Tweed V8541 Skirt by MissLadyAudrey

  • Although, it looks thick in this picture - the actual fabric is very lightweight - to the point of being nearly see through.  Which means, that I needed to either Line or Underline the skirt
  • Needless to say, I had to spend some time learning how to do Line or Underline....
Tweed V8541 skirt by MissLadyAudrey
  • Fabric, Interfacing, and Underlining makes for a very thick combination.  Especially, trying to sew the side seams and the elastic waistband.
  • Still not sure how I need to finish the hem.... I'll figure that out as soon as I can get this elastic in the waistband.

This has been an amazing journey.  So, glad that Faye's Carnival of Skirts got me started on this project.  Although, I would have thought that I would have been done and finished by now!  HA!

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Like the color of this tweed fabric, like the tips about interfacing, now I know should I decide to make a skirt from tweed fabric. I have yet to line any garment it kinda scares me LOL, but I am sure once I decide to tackle it everything will go fine

    1. Sann, at least you are taking the time to think it through. I just jumped out there. And, then I got so overwhelmed. Although, the skirt isn't complete - it is coming together really well.

      I'm excited!

      I'll stop by your blog to see if you finished any new blocks.