Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finishing What I Start

I have a bad habit (well, depending on your perspective)....
I like to start things. 
Starting things isn't the real problem....
The real problem is that I procrastinate when it comes to finishing what I start.

This weekend, my promise to myself is that I will finish what I've already started before I start anything new.

Namely, I need to finish the following projects before I can start on new projects (and, I have some new projects that I am itching to get to):
* Pink Pants from V8541 - finish the hem on 1 pant leg.  (Really, all that's keeping these pants from being done is one pant leg?)
* Print Dress from V1250 - make a decision on the hem, and move it from the UFO stack to the closet.
* Tweed Skirt - finish the hem on the tweed and the lining
* Purple Jacket - finish the sleeves and the hem
* Pink & White Skirt - re-cut missing piece and finish the skirt

I think I see a trend... Everything is a spring / summer weight (so, there's no immediate gratification) and everything needs to be hemmed.  Surely, this will be motivation for me to figure out how to use the blind hem stitch on the new sewing machine. 

Hopefully, my next post will be a review of something that's completed and hanging (or, soon to be hanging) up in my closet.

** I really need to finish up these projects to make room in the studio, since I received my new fabric (Tuesday - wow, that was super fast) and patterns (Friday).

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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  1. I organized the new patterns on Saturday. They are stored with my other patterns. Major win for me!