Friday, December 7, 2012

Feature Friday - Blind Hem Stitch

Brother CE8080PRW - New Sewing Machine

My Favorite Feature - Right Now, Today:

Blind Hem Stitch

When this stitch works... I mean, when the user knows how to use the machine properly to complete this stitch - it is wondrous!  OMG!  I'm able to hand sew using the blind hem stitch, but it takes time to complete it.  And, I mean - a lot of time.

The very first time I attempted to use this function on my new sewing machine.  I got it mostly right - I just needed to adjust the stitch width to get it perfectly right.  Then, everything went down hill from there.  So, I removed the stitches, so that I could re-sew it.

Mental Brake....

That's gotta be what I happened because - after that, I tried about 7 more times to use the blind hem stitch and it was every type of wrong that you could possibly imagine.  There are a lot of things that I can just look at it, try it once and get it.... But, the functions on this machine take a little more thought (and, I need to remember that).  And, the line drawings in the book only leave me confused.  So once again, I turned to you tube and found a great video on the Blind Hem Stitch from whoyoum: Blind Hem Stitch - First Steps with Brother CE8080PRW

Thank God for you tube!  And, thank God for Nadia & whoyoum for posting these great videos that I'm able to watch over and over again.

**I'm so going to get it!**  Now, that I've watched the video about 10 times, I realize that I was (repeatedly) placing the fabric the wrong way under the foot.  Even though, it looks right when I put it under the foot.  I have a busy weekend planned, but hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in a little time on the machine to get some more practice in..... Actually, since my goal for December is to Finish what I start - I have a few projects that I could practice using this stitch on.  I'll let you know how that goes.

This has got to be the best thing ever! Well, at least until I figure out the next best thing.

Needles Up,
Always Audrey

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