Monday, December 3, 2012

#reverb12 - Days 1, 2 and 3

I saw a link to this on Sew Fashionably Modest
There are daily prompts for the month of December that allow you to reflect on 2012 and plan for 2013.  I didn't sign up (I've got enough commitments for the moment), but I like the idea of taking time to really reflect on the past year.

Day 1 - How are you starting?
I'm in a good place.  Actually, I'm in a better place than I've been in for a long time. 

Physically - I have seen a noticeable increase in my health and general well being.  I'm doing Weight Watchers to lose some weight to be in a healthier weight/BMI range.  I have been taking all meds and vitamin D (for my thyroid) as prescribed.  I've been more consistently balanced this year.... exercise, work, dancing, relaxation, nutrition, sleep, prayer, and meditation. 

Financially - Wow!  This year has really been amazing.  I always set goals (monthly, yearly, 5 years, 10 years),but I don't always follow through with the plan.  This year, I made a realistic plan for how I desire to live and I made a feasible spending plan reflecting that goal.  I learned how to tell myself "no" this year.  This is a major departure from how I normally live and I'm so much better for it.

Creatively - Another, Wow!  I've challenged myself - a total re-invention.  I have been sewing, creating, and learning more and more to increase my skills and ability (not to mention my enjoyment).  I started baking this year... I made homemade bread for the very first time ever!  I made a banana cream pie, and several delicious loaves (I like these best).  I learned how to make an omelet - and, subsequently, I went omelet crazy.  I learned how to crochet - I made a scarf.

At Work - I'm facing a lot of challenges with the implementation of new software.  I've been dealing with a level of frustration that's far greater than normal (we could have tested this software before we started rolling it out).  This has given me an opportunity to really evaluate and examine my work life.  I'm usually just striving for a happy work / personal life balance, to the point that I don't always consider my actual "work" life.

Day 2 - Your most significant spend?
I think my most significant spend in 2012 - was what I didn't spend.  Since, I've been really looking at my spending plan - there were a lot of things that I normally do (spend), that I didn't do this year.  I've spent significantly less time, money and energy in the mall, in bookstores, and in restaurants.  I challenged myself to cook meals that: 1) are nutritious and delicious, 2) are fun and/or easy to make, and, 3) I would enjoy eating.  Since, I started really sewing again at the end of 2011 - I've been paying more attention to the quality in stores and I've been shopping less.  Instead of always suggesting that we (my friends and I) go out and do (spend) something - I've offered to host more things at home. 

Since, I didn't spend money on the typical stuff I had money to spend on some things that I really wanted and enjoyed: fabric shopping trip in New York City, girls trip to Las Vegas, two trips to see family in South Carolina, a new sewing machine, a covered cake platter (cakes are in my future), and I also paid off some debt (still, working on Sallie Mae, but that's another story).

Day 3 - What do you really wish for?
The premise of this question is based on having only 1 year left to live.  Determine what you would wish to do in that year. 

I have several things that I would like to do (my bucket list), but if that's not how my life turns out.  I'm okay with it. 
I've danced like there's no one watching (even, if there was).  I have loved.  I've been young and dumb (maybe, the youngest and the dumbest).  I have given - especially, my heart and my time.  I have served.  I've listened and really heard what was being said (and, yeah - I've ignored some things, too).  I have laughed - sometimes, until I cried.  I've cried - sometimes, until I had no choice but to laugh or smile.  I've watched the sun rise and set.  I've bought flowers - just so I could look at them on my dresser when I wake up in the morning.  I've traveled - although, there are some places that I would still like to visit.  I've taken risks.  I moved to Atlanta.  Did I mention that I have danced?  That includes *happy dances*.  LOL!  More, than anything else - I can honestly say that I have tried.  I haven't gotten everything right, but I haven't gotten it all wrong either.

I even told the handsome guy at work, that he's handsome (**wink wink**).  He still blushes when I see him.  And, that makes me smile even more.

What I'm trying to say is that when I think about it - I don't have that one thing left to do.  I plan to continue with the re-invention of Audrey.  I plan to continue sewing and learning.  I am interested in learning how to knit or do needlepoint, although, I'll probably do some more crochet items before I move on to something else.  I want to spend more time with my loved ones.  I want to write a book.  I want to be debt free.

**If you are unfamiliar with me and my blog, you may not be aware that I had radiation several years ago.  Since, I was so terribly sick before and after my treatment, I made a commitment to myself to live and not regret.  So, many of the things that would have been on my "if only" list, I have already attempted.

What about you? 
How are you right now? 
What was your most significant spend of the year? 
What do you really wish for?

Needles Up,
Always Audrey


  1. Please, please never take this down! If you do, let me know ahead of time so that I can make a record and read it over and over again! What a fantastic dose of introspection - beautifully stated and wonderfully timed.

    My answers:
    *I am in transition. There are days when I'm in a good space and others when I am not.
    *My most significant spend was less than the cost of a new car - which I also bought because my 13-year old clunker finally gave up the ghost. It was a trip abroad to visit two dear friends.
    *My wish is for complete and utter peace in mind, body, and soul.

    1. ((hugs))
      I am believing that the peace you seek, you WILL find.

      In my bedroom, I always have relaxation (ocean waves or classical) music playing. It puts me in the mindset of a meditation room. I take time to pray. I spend time each day reflecting on all the things that I'm grateful/thankful for now and what I want to be grateful/thankful for in my future. The more time I spend in a grateful mindset - the more I find myself in a good (and, increasing better) space.